Teens Classes are Monday 7PM, Wednesday 7PM and Saturday at 10AM

3 Teen Classes per week 

Unlike the regular classes, teens may only attend the designated teen classes.

What is a teen-friendly class?

A teen-friendly class is a regular class. Same time slot as always – regular members and teens work out side by side, same strength, same WOD, as always, each athlete scales as needed. The music playlist might be a little different. Same coach, same class, same everything. Our regular members will be aware they are attending a teen-friendly class and that there maybe teenaged athletes working out beside them. Good quality family time perhaps.


The class is open to anyone at least 12 years of age on December 31st, 2016.

The cost per month is $70 for teens who do not have parents or guardians as CrossFit Summerside members. $60 for teens with one parent/guardian as a member, and $50 for teens with both parents/guardians as full-time members in good standing.

If the interest grows (and we hope it does) – we will add more classes as needed.

If you have additional questions – please email us at crossfitsummerside@gmail.com or fill in the form below.

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