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“I need to get in shape before I try CrossFit.”

“I’ve never worked out before and CrossFit looks too intense.”

“CrossFit is too hard.”

These are three objections that CrossFit coaches hear all the time when speaking with regular folks who are interested in CrossFit but have some misconceptions about how the program works. Below is why CrossFit is for anyone and everyone, even people who haven’t exercised a day in their lives.

The most important piece for new folks is the phrase “functional movement,” which basically means a movement or exercise that has a real life function. Examples are picking something off the ground (an object or even your own body), moving quickly (running), squatting, or jumping onto or even over something. In real world situations, those movements could translate to picking up a heavy box, running to catch an airplane, or lifting and squatting your kid on your shoulders. I argue that 100% of all humans need to be able to do those things, and should be able to do it at a reasonably athletic level. You don’t have to be super fast or insanely strong, but you shouldn’t be immobile and decrepit either.

The beauty of CrossFit is that you can start with those very basic movements and progress upwards in complexity and load as your fitness increases. Thus, if you can only squat your body weight for starters, in a week you might be squatting a barbell, and in a year you could be front squatting 185 lbs.

The misconception is that if you join a CrossFit gym, you’ll immediately start doing highly complex movements and heavy loads. This is not true. The reality is that CrossFit Summerside offers all members an introduction to CrossFit program. Once someone graduates from Intro program, he or she starts regular workouts at a scaled level and works upwards from there.

Scaling is an important concept to understand because it allows a new member at any fitness level to participate in any workout. Here’s an example: Billy walks into his first class and the workout of the day is Fran, which is prescribed as 95 lbs thrusters and “chin-over-bar” pull-ups. He learned the basic thruster and pull-up movements in Foundations, and also learned several modified movements that are easier than the standard movement. So, since Billy is new, he does thrusters at 45 lbs (just the bar) and jumping pull-ups instead. He completes the WOD safely and still gets in a great workout. In 3 months, after Billy gets stronger and fitter, he tries Fran at the Rx standard and completes it!

The bottom line is CrossFit is a fitness program that starts with the very basics and scales up in intensity, complexity, and load as your fitness level increases. Because it focuses on functional movements it’s relevant to everyday life, and therefore applicable to everyone. The most important qualities are that you have a desire to be functionally fit, enjoy working hard, and not be afraid to get started!

2020 Kick Start

CrossFit Summerside and Kim MacDougall a Holistic Nutritionist have teamed up to offer a program that will truly make a difference.

Hitting the gym AND understanding your nutrition is a recipe for success.

For $320, we are offering a program that includes both Kim’s fall into body confidence program, CrossFit Fundamentals, and one month unlimited CrossFit. The program runs until the end of February and will definitely get you started into 2020 with a solid plan for success.

Fall Into Body Confidence: Starts Sunday, January 6th and runs for 8 weeks. The program’s focus is on eating whole foods without the stress of weighing and measuring your food. It includes weekly recipe ideas, as well as nutrition advice and guidance to help you reach your goals. There is progress tracking, weekly check-in’s and access to the private Facebook group to help you stay accountable.

CrossFit fundamentals: Starts Monday January 6th, and includes nine (9) one hour sessions. Class size is limited to 8 people. We will teach participants the basic elements required for CrossFit.

These 9 X 60 minute sessions will cover the fundamental movements of CrossFit. You’ll learn proper technique on the foundational movements that build the base for our workouts. Athletes will learn how to scale movements appropriately to your own individual skill level.

Each class will start ramping up your fitness with a CrossFit workout during each class. Fundamentals classes start once a month, and run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The sessions are structured to allow you to get in the groove of the regular classes as soon as possible.

Athlete safety is our top priority. In order to ensure high levels of efficacy in your workout, we require all of our prospective members complete the fundamental program. The fundamentals program is designed to give the member an overview of CrossFit terminology, foundational movements, and to complete several CrossFit workouts. Upon completion of the Fundamentals’ session, you will be able to join regularly scheduled classes.

Also Included in the package is an unlimited membership to CFSS for the month of February.