Make 2015 your year – A post from Coach Kim!

Looking to become a healthier you in the new year? Looking to change up your fitness routine or a new challenge? Come give CrossFit Summerside a try…FREE class January 5th!! All fitness levels welcome! Here are some testimonies from clients currently training at our location. They describe just some of the reasons why crossfit is so amazing!

Mary Beth McIver:
Joining crossfit was the best decision I made in 2014. I have done all forms of exercise my whole life, but this is the first thing I’ve stuck with and actually seen changes. The coaches are so supportive and helpful, you meet awesome new people and you never have to think about what you’re going to do at the gym because the workout is made for you (its awesome!!!).

Barb McNeill
I wanted to drop a few lines about how much. I enjoy cross fit.
I’m used to lift weights and doing my own thing. Over the years I fell into a slump and heard about the cross fit program. Feeling insecure and nervous at first but since I joined I have found a new family of fitness that have welcomed me from day one. Feeling quite insecure about working out with the fittest of the fittest I was quiet nervous.
In a nutshell. The best part of cross fit is the comraderie of support. Everyone helps out and supports each other…..and the applause at the end is pretty cool too.
I love cross fit !

Jenna Profitt
I am so glad I decided to join crossfit. The atmosphere in the gym when you walk in is something you cant get anywhere else. Everyone says hi to you and is so positive. We encourage each other and cheer each other on to finish that last rep or do that last burpee. Every time I leave a crossfit gym I think to myself…wow I just did that! Its a great feeling!

Eva Strongman
A couple things that come to mind:
I’ve been a competitive swimmer for most of my life and a runner for 10 years, but I’ve never been part of a more welcoming, supportive and diverse group as Crossfit.
My ‘baby stomach’ is shrinking after 16 years! Maybe that could get some new Moms out Plus I love seeing how my body is transforming. I still weigh the same as when I started but I def. don’t have the same body…
There are so many things to celebrate – so many firsts – pull ups, toes to bar, push ups etc. I’ve always thought of myself as ‘in shape’ but never felt strong before.
And the clothes are the coolest of any sport.

These came from women of all different ages as well!

What do you have to lose? Next Fundamentals Course starts Monday, January 5th at 8pm. Check out the Crossfit Summerside website for more information! We’d love to train you!

Kim Perry is a coach at CrossFit Summerside. She holds a bachelors degree in kinesiology, an L1 CrossFit trainers certificate, NCCP Level 1 coaching certificate, and is an avid CrossFitter.


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