Class time changes!

Now that summer is winding down we will be making the switch back to winter hours as of Monday September 9th.  With our recent growth in numbers we will also be adding a few new classes and making some changes to existing ones.  The new schedule is as follows…

Monday- Noon, 6pm, 7pm

Tuesday – Noon, 6pm, 7pm

Wednesday- 6am, Noon, 6pm, 7pm

Thursday- Noon, 7pm

Friday- 6am, Noon, 5pm

Saturday- 8am, 9am

Sunday- Rest Day!

We will see how these new times work and make adjustments as needed.

***The 6am class on Wednesday will be by signup!  If you plan on attending you have to email Lacey at by 8pm the night before to tell her that you are going.  If she does not receive more than 4 emails then there will be no class at 6am.  If you email and then don’t show up, there will be a burpee penalty at your next class!!  If you have any questions please see Jeff.***

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for adding times.

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