Housekeeping Notes

There have been a few issues come up around the gym lately that I wanted to address so I thought I would make a post to bring them to everyone’s attention.  Thanks for your co-operation on these issues.

1. Payments

Please make sure you have your monthly fees paid on or before the first class of every month.  95% of people are great with this but there are a few still outstanding and it is getting on the middle of the month.  I am usually very easy going and flexible but at the end of the day this is a business and I have bills that need to be paid at the 1st of every month.


2. Being on time

Again 99% of people are great with this but a few are consistently late.  In fact 99% of people are early which makes being late even worse.  Most people are already warmed up and ready to go by the time the top of the hour rolls around.  So, please make an effort to be there on time and ready to go with the group.


3. Starting strength early

This kind of goes along with the being on time.  Lately some people have been jumping right into the strength portion of the class as soon as they finish the warm up.  If you are early for class and finish your warmup quickly then please wait for the rest of the class to finish warming up before you grab a bar and start loading up for your lifts.  Before the lifts I like to go over technique, do some warm up lifts, answer questions, etc before everyone jumps into lifting.  If people are starting at different times it can get confusing as to where everyone is at and also makes people feel rushed to catch up to the folks that started earlier.  So, if you are done your warm up early, do some more!  Or work on a weakness for a few minutes, grab a PVC and practice some of the lift that we will be doing.  I will let you know when it’s time to grab a bar and start lifting after I know that everyone has been properly warmed up and is ready to go.


4. Kids at the gym

Your kids are definitely allowed and encouraged to be brought to the gym while you are working out.  I think it’s great that you are setting a positive example for your kids by exercising and keeping in shape.  By them being there and seeing the effort you are putting forth only strengthens this example for them.  Now that our membership base is growing, so is the number of kids at any given class.  So from now on if you are going to bring your kids please make sure that they are sitting off to the side.  If they have to bring a toy with them or a book no problem but we cannot have them running around the gym and playing with the equipment.  They can also use the games room or hang out in the gym if there is nothing going on at that time.  If a class finishes early and there is time left before the hour is up, this is not time for kids to come play, it is time for you to be stretching out, working on a weakness or practicing a new skill.  If your kids really like CossFit and like to play with all the equipment, we now have kids classes on Tuesday nights at 8pm and Saturday morning at 11am which they are welcome to attend!

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