Gift Ideas for CrossFitters!

With the holidays soon approaching I thought I would post up list of stocking stuffers that any CrossFitter would enjoy getting for Christmas!  You can direct your loved ones to this post for lots of good gift ideas.

Athletic Tape – Good for bandaging hands after a long WOD full of Pull Ups.  You can pick this up at Source for Sports or Shoppers Drug Mart for a few bucks a roll.

Long Athletic Socks – Tall socks for deadlifting, cleans and snatches.  These are good for protecting your shins from the knurling on the bar while lifting.  You can get tall socks pretty much anywhere but if fashion is important to you, there are nice ones available from, or you could opt for some soccer socks from any local sports store.

New Water Bottle – Water bottles break easily so having a new clean one around is always a plus.

Gym Bag – Some sort of a kit bag to keep all your gym gear in is a great idea so that you never forget anything you will need for a WOD.

Skipping Rope – Having your own rope is a good idea as you can dial the length in for your height.  They are very cheap and easily accessible.  Just keep in mind the weight of the rope, the lighter the better  so your arms don’t fatigue as much during skipping.  you can find these at most stores that carry workout gear or online from or  A really good skipping rope costs only about $15 so keep that in mind if you are buying local.  They tend to over inflate the prices.

CrossFit Summerside T Shirt – A new CrossFit Summerside T Shirt is a great gift idea.  Even if you already have one, chances are it is starting to smell after working out in it so many times.  It’s always good to have one for working out and another for wearing in public lol.  There are still lots available at the gym for the low cost of $25.


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  1. Jeff – great post. Share 🙂

  2. Gotta say Ardene carries a TON of styles and colors of the long socks for the ladies. Cheap.

  3. These are definitely some fun ideas! You must suggest them to this list of “Top Gifts for the CrossFit Athlete” >

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