Monthly Archives: December 2011

New Fundamental Course Starts January 4, 2012

CrossFit Summerside will be holding the first Fundamentals course of the new year starting Wednesday January 4th.  The course runs Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 10am for the entire month of January.  The cost is $150 and can be paid by cheque made payable to CrossFit Summerside or cash at the first class.  Individuals who are interested in signing up should email asap to reserve your spot.  Maximum 10 people so reserve your spot now!

Holiday WODS

Here are the wods for the next week while the gym is closed.  They all involve minimal equipment and you should be able to do them all at home.  Feel free to get together with other CrossFitters to perform these in a group setting and push yourself a little harder!  Make sure you warm up and cool down appropriately for all of these, no different than normal wods.  Enjoy!


Monday December 26, 2011

5 Rounds of

15 Push Ups

20 Sit Ups

25 Air Squats


Tuesday December 27, 2011

3KM Run

Wednesday December 28, 2011

3 Rounds of

10 Handstand Push Ups (use pillow instead of abmat, or scale with your feet/knees on a chair)

15 Vertical Jumps (touch 1 foot above your reach)

20 Walking Lunges

Friday December 30, 2011

10 Rounds of

Run 100m

10 Push Ups

Saturday December 31, 2011

100 Burpees for Time


Merry Christmas from CrossFit Summerside!   I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday!  Reminder that the gym is closed until January 2nd but stayed tuned for at home WODS that can be done by yourself, or with others.  Feel free to get together to tackle the at home WODS over the next week.

Saturday December 24, 2011


“12 Days of Christmas”

1 Deadlift

2 Ring Dips

3 Pull Ups

4 Knees to Elbows

5 Kettlebell Swings

6 Box Jumps

7 Walking Lunges (each leg)

8 Push Ups

9 Double Unders

10 Sit Ups

11 Burpees

12 Wall Balls


You perform this workout just like the song….you start with 1 Deadlift, then 2 ring dips and 1 DL, then 3 pull ups, 2 ring dips and 1 DL, then 4 Knees to Elbows, 3 pull ups, 2 ring dips and 1 DL, etc.  In total you should do 12 rounds with the final round including all exercises listed above.

Friday December 23, 2011




Push Press

Kettlebell Swings

Air Squats



Tabata Sit Ups

Wednesday December 21, 2011



Gymnastics Skill Work!


We got to practice some gymnastics tonight!  From handstands, to mini trampoline to parallell bars.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and got to push outside their comfort zones a little bit.

Tuesday December 20, 2011






Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Double Unders

Monday December 19, 2011

Strength work:


Push Press



10 minute AMRAP

5 Power Cleans

15 sec Ring Support Hold

10 Ring Rows

Saturday December 17, 2011



100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Air Squats


You must finish all the pull ups before proceeding to the push ups, then finish all the push ups before proceeding to the sit ups, etc.

Friday December 16, 2011


4 Rounds

8 Squat Snatch

8 Barbell Burpees