Tuesday August 23, 2011

A very nice night for a run last night!



800m Run

3 Rounds of

10 Deadlifts

20 Push Ups

800m Run


Great work by everyone last night.  Keep in mind that how much weight you put on your bar can make a HUGE difference in how your workout feels.  A difference of 30-50lbs on this workout could mean 2-3 minutes difference on your overall time and completely change how you feel afterwards.  The last round of most workouts should be very hard to complete unbroken.  If you could easily get all 10 reps on round 3 last night you were going too light.  The more workouts you complete the easier you will be able to figure out what weight you should use for each workout .  Tonight’s workout will be very dependent on your choice of weight so if you are unsure of what you should use just ask and I will help you out!




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