Monday August 8, 2011

The first ever CrossFit Summerside Fundamentals course started tonight.  A great group of folks made it out to start on a new path to becoming more fit.  We learned the air squat as well as proper push up form.  The air squat is one of the most important skills in CrossFit as well as in life.  Spending a little extra time now to learn proper squat mechanics will really pay off down the road.  We will be constantly reviewing the squat over the next few weeks as well as adding some weight to it with the back squat, front squat and overhead squat.


4 rounds of

10 Push Ups

20 Air Squats

40 Single Unders


Your legs will be sore from last nights class!  You will most likely be sore from every CrossFit class for the next few weeks until you get used to the volumn and intensity level.  Make sure to drink plenty of water and keep moving and stretching.  The more you just sit around the worse it will be!

Tuesdays skills: Med Ball Clean & Ring Row


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