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New Fundamentals Course starts Saturday Sept 3 at 9am

For anyone interested in starting CrossFit we have a new fundamentals sessions starting this Saturday.  The fundamentals course is mandatory for anyone that is wanting to be a member at CrossFit Summerside.  It will teach you all the basic CrossFit elements and will prepare you for the normal CrossFit classes that we run.  The fundamentals course is 3 times per week for one month.  Saturdays at 9am, Mondays at 8pm and Wednesdays at 8pm.  The cost is $75 if you sign up before Sept 1 which is 50% off the normal price, so if you are thinking about joining, now is the time to do it!

Monday August 29, 2011

Big group out tonight. We had our first crack at pull ups tonight.

10min AMRAP of
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

Rest 3 mins
400m Run
Rest 2 mins
400m Run

Saturday August 27, 2011

A small group showed up this morning, rumours of some hangovers and an April Wine concert were stirring around the gym.  Those that did come out got a great workout and even got to see some of the air show as they were outside during the farmers walks.



3 Rounds of

12 Thrusters

Farmers Walk (to the telephone pole and back)

8 Ring Dips


There was also a free trial class earlier in the morning with some very eager folks.  Their first introduction to CrossFit was


3 rounds of

200m Run

20 Air Squats

10 Kettlebell Swings


Some really great efforts  on this one.  I hope to see all of you next week for the fundamentals program!  If any of you have any other questions please feel free to contact me!

Friday August 26, 2011

The first use of our new pull up bars, but not for pull ups!  An equally as challenging movement knees to elbows showed up.  This was paired up with some of everybody’s favorite burpees and some overhead squats.




3 rounds of

5 Overhead Squats

10 Knees to Elbows

15 Burpees

Wednesday August 24, 2011

Another big crowd showed up for our first crack at a named workout.



30 clean and Jerks for time 135/95


A lot of really fast times on this one.  I think 4 people got through this one at the prescribed weights.  The key to this one is to be efficient in your lifting and really try to get under that bar on the jerks.  Your arms will get tired really quickly if you are push pressing the bar for all 30 reps.

Afterward we played around with some max height box jumps.  Some of the guys were able to get up to 46″ before we had to stop due to lack of ceiling height!

Free Trial Class Saturday!

CrossFit Summerside will be having a free trial class this Saturday at 9am.  Anyone who is interested in starting Crossfit or just curious as to what we’re all about is welcome to come.  A new Fundamentals class will be starting the following Saturday September 3rd.

Tuesday August 23, 2011

A very nice night for a run last night!



800m Run

3 Rounds of

10 Deadlifts

20 Push Ups

800m Run


Great work by everyone last night.  Keep in mind that how much weight you put on your bar can make a HUGE difference in how your workout feels.  A difference of 30-50lbs on this workout could mean 2-3 minutes difference on your overall time and completely change how you feel afterwards.  The last round of most workouts should be very hard to complete unbroken.  If you could easily get all 10 reps on round 3 last night you were going too light.  The more workouts you complete the easier you will be able to figure out what weight you should use for each workout .  Tonight’s workout will be very dependent on your choice of weight so if you are unsure of what you should use just ask and I will help you out!



Class Time Change!!!

This Wednesday August 24 class will be moved to 5pm.  Our pull up bars are getting installed at 6:30 so we need to have the gym clear for that time.  Hopefully everyone can make it to the 5pm time!

Monday August 22, 2011

A good size crowd braved the rain last night to hit a modified version of the Filthy 50.  Before hitting the WOD we learned the Push Jerk.



50 Box jumps

50 Kettlebell Swings

50 walking Lunges

50 Sit Ups

50 Push Press

50 Supermans

50 Double Unders

Saturday August 20, 2011

Sorry for the late post on this one.


8 minute AMRAP

5 Squat Cleans

10 Ring Rows